In some cases, main areas of paratextual research interest are listed in italics after individual names. If you’d like to join the network we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us via the details on the Contact Us page of our website.

Network Co-ordinators

Karen McAulay (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

Paratext in national song & other music collections

Corrina Readioff (University of Liverpool)

Epigraphs, illustration, chapter headings


Sarah Ailwood (University of Wollongong) Paratext, law, women’s life writing/experiences of the law and justice system

Sophie Bankes

Daniel Beaumont (University of Aukland)

Will Bowers (Queen Mary University London)

Ellen Brewster (University of Oxford) Prefatory material and reading experiences

Dominic Bridge (University of Liverpool)

Jeanne Britton (University of South Carolina) Footnotes, marginalia, and indices

Anna Brunton (University of Oxford)

Jennifer Buckley (University of York) Footnotes, periodical advertisements, and fleurons; the repurposing of woodcuts

Will Burgess (Queen Mary University London) Prefaces and indices of collection catalogues (especially natural history collections)

Michèle Cohen (Richmond University) Prefaces in eighteenth and early nineteenth century schoolbooks

Heidi Craig (Texas A&M University) Early modern and Restoration dramatic paratexts; paratexts in eighteenth-century Shakespeare editions

Colette Davies (University of Nottingham) Prefaces, chapter epigraphs, title-page quotations

Leith Davies (Simon Fraser University)

Brecht de Groote (Ghent University) Translation and paratext; authorship

Dennis Duncan (University College London)

Matthew Daniel Eddy (Durham University) Student’s paratexts in school and university notebooks from c.1700 to 1820

Michael Edson (University of Wyoming) Poetry and paratext; histories of reading; annotation; footnotes

Sibylle Erle (Bishop Grosseteste University) Annotations, text/image relationships and identity, paratext and drama; children’s literature

Blake Gerard (Auburn University)

Jared Griffin (University of Alaska)

Inhye Ha (Incheon National University)

Bill Hughes

Kathy Keown (University of Oxford) Subscription lists; paratexts and women’s poetry; histories of reading

Zoe Kinsley (Liverpool Hope University)

Roberta Klimt (Kings College  London)

Harriet Kramer Linkin (New Mexico State University)

Marta Kvande (Texas Tech University)

Miriam Lahrsow (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany) Functions of Pope and Byron’s self-annotation; history of self-annotation in general

Jennie MacDonald

Joanna Maciulewicz (University of Poznań)

James McLaverty (Keele University)

Anne-Claire Michoux (University of Zurich) Prefaces, footnotes, epigraphs & quotations on title pages, and marginalia

Hannah Moss (University of Sheffield)

Anisha Netto (University of Southampton) Musicology; late eighteenth-century Italian opera in German translations

Jack Orchard (Swansea University) Gender and paratext, footnotes, correspondence editions, marginalia, and periodical and newspaper ephemera

Jason Pearl (Florida International University)

Elizabeth Potter (University of York)

Jacob Ridley (University of Oxford) Speech prefixes and dramatic mise-en-page; footnotes and the history of editing; literary lists and sequencing

Francesca Saggini (Università degli Studi della Tuscia)

Nicholas Seager (Keele University)

Rebecca Short (University of Oxford) Paratexts and authorial self-fashioning in eighteenth-century France

Danielle Spratt (California State University)

Karenza Sutton-Bennett (University of Ottawa) Paratextual conversations in textual and visual representations of women learning in eighteenth-century periodicals

Lilian Tabois (University of York)

Tielke Ulvin (Ghent University) Popular print/cheap print, chapbooks, and children’s literature

Katherine Wakely-Mulroney (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Paratext in instructional and devotional children’s literature, especially prefaces

Marcus Walsh (University of Liverpool) Theory and practice of scholarly documentation, editorial commentary, authorial self-commentary, mise en page, title pages

Alex Watson (Meiji University, Tokyo)

Tessa Whitehouse (Queen Mary University London) All forms of paratext including subscriber lists, proposals for printing, title pages, prefaces, portrait frontispieces and more

Seán Williams (Sheffield University)

Sharon Young (University of Worcester) Paratext and women’s poetry, dedicatory epistles, manuscript paratext

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