Eighteenth-Century Botanical Paratext

by Katie Sagal (Cornell College) As a scholar of literature and the history of science, I look at both form and content in my work on eighteenth-century scientific texts to understand how knowledge-formation occurred in lay populations and how scientific authority was constituted outside of professional settings. My first book, Botanical Entanglements, focuses particularly on... Continue Reading →

Feminist Paratext in Mary Robinson’s ‘A Letter to the Women of England’ (1799)

by Anne-Claire Michoux (University of Zurich) Mary Robinson as 'Perdita', attributed to John Hoppner (1758-1810), Chawton House Library. A celebrity in her lifetime, Mary Robinson (1757-1800) was an acclaimed actress, immortalised as ‘Perdita’ for her star role in The Winter’s Tale, as well as a prolific and increasingly radical poet, dramatist, novelist, and author of... Continue Reading →

Addressing the Absent Reader: the Dedicatory Epistles of Louis-Antoine Caraccioli

by Rebecca Short (University of Oxford) When Louis-Antoine Caraccioli (1719-1802) came onto the French literary scene in the mid-eighteenth century, he made waves almost instantaneously. The author was, at least initially, an anti-philosophe: religious and somewhat reactionary, he staunchly opposed the Enlightenment ideals propagated by thinkers such as Voltaire.Like other anti-philosophes who preceded him, including... Continue Reading →

Jean Paul: From Rags to Print

by Seán Williams (University of Sheffield) Jean Paul Richter, by Heinrich Pfenninger (1798), Gleimhaus Museum der deutschen Aufklärung. Jean Paul Friedrich Richter was unusual among German authors around 1800 in being able to make a living from literature. Other canonical names, including the likes of Lessing, Goethe, and Schiller, also worked as librarians, statesmen, or... Continue Reading →

Plotting BSECS Adventures…

We are delighted that the Eighteenth-Century Paratext Research Network will be taking not one but two panels to the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) annual conference in January! It’s been a pleasure to organise both panels, and we’re very excited to learn more about the speakers and their research. The first panel will examine... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Eighteenth-Century Paratext Research Network!

Hi everyone! We’re very excited to announce the foundation of the Eighteenth-Century Paratext Research Network! Our aim is to bring together scholars with an interest in any aspect of eighteenth-century paratext – footnotes, epigraphs, titles, title-pages, indexes, contents lists, dedications, prefaces, images, image captions, chapter headings, the lot! If you’re working on paratext of any... Continue Reading →

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